In China, pigeons get 'anal security checks'

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These days, the Chinese leadership is not taking any chances with security.

As the ruling Communist party celebrated its National Day holiday on Wednesday, it made clear that not even birds are free from scrutiny, The Guardian reported.

The People’s Daily tweeted a picture of a proud-looking dove above the caption: “10,000 pigeons go through anal security check for suspicious objects Tue, ready to be released on National Day on Wed”. 



The pigeons were inspected at a sports centre in Beijing on Tuesday evening, Legal Evening News reported.

The entire process was videotaped.

“Their wings, tail-feathers, even their anuses must be carefully checked,” an unnamed state security officer told the paper.

The birds were then loaded into sealed vehicles and delivered to Tiananmen Square, where authorities inspected them a second time.

At 6am on Wednesday, the birds were finally released, allowing them to “circle above the five-starred red flag overhead”.

Source: The Guardian, Legal Evening News

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