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BlackMilk Legolas Dress

AUD$95 (S$108)

BlackMilk are specialists in sexy nerd wear.

Okay, sexy is not the first word that comes to mind when you think of Middle Earth - it's so beardy. That is until you see Legolas and his gorgeous blond hair.

Wear his visage with this fitting dress and with the right figure, you could make Orlando Bloom interesting again.

Available at

Nerds rule. No longer are they defined as mouth-breathers. The geeks are inheriting the earth. Or at least their culture is.

And if you had any doubts, look no further than the recent fashion weeks.

Designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte presented their Star Wars-themed gowns during their Fall 2014 show in New York.

While industry leaders scoffed at the idea, social media was buzzing with delight.

This past weekend, Preen, a British cult brand, presented Darth Vader screen-printed pieces during their London show.

Here are some (cheaper) ways to wear your geekdom with pride.


Auberg Designs Game of Thrones Necklace


Winter can't come soon enough for Game Of Thrones fans.

But this brass necklace should tide you over till the next season premieres.

If you aren't a huge fan, the design is subtle enough that you won't look like too much of a fangirl.

It could act as a conversation starter, sparking a debate over who's better, the Starks or Lannisters. (The latter, of course.)

You can also get your geek on with Auberg's line of Star Trek and Doctor Who necklaces.

Available at

Celio Marvel's

The Avengers T-shirt


I'm not a fan of superhero print T-shirts, but this one won me over with its thoughtful use of The Hulk's signature colour.

It's bold, but not in your face. I would pair it with a cute skater skirt and boots for that geek-chic look.

Available at all Celio stores.

Topshop DC Originals



If you need a little courage, try wearing this super-cute underwear (please wear something over it).

The designs are in a retro style, from a time when superheroes were fun, not dark and moody.

You may not get Wonder Woman's speed or strength, but you may feel sexier.

Available at all Topshop stores.

BlackMilk Batman

Cape Suit

AUD$110 (S$125)

Make a splash at the pool with this Bat bathing suit.

The cape is detachable so you can take a break from saving the city and just chill by the water, though where would the fun in that be?

One-piece swimsuits are usually pretty ordinary so this one takes it up a notch.

Available at