#Fail. US thief tries to escape on stolen kayak, minus the paddle

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This has got to be one of the slowest getaways ever.

A mail thief tried to escape his pursuers by jumping in a stolen kayak. The only problem? He forgot to take the paddle with him.

The man was reduced to lying flat on the kayak and using his hands to navigate the waters. 

He didn't get far, of course, and later returned to shore to turn himself in.

Fled on foot

The bizarre incident happened in Washington on Christmas Eve.

Residents of a suburb in Seattle called the police after spotting a man and woman going through various mailboxes in the neighbourhood, reported

The duo had stopped their car in a driveway of a house when a resident pulled up behind them to prevent them from driving off.

The pair abandoned their car and fled on foot.

Forgot the paddle

Police gave chase and arrested the woman without incident. The man, however, just kept on running and eventually found a kayak at a waterfront home.

He hopped into it, lay on his stomach and tried to move to safety.

A resident got into another kayak, grabbed a paddle and gave chase.

The Seattle Times reported the resident as saying: "He was actually going backwards when I talked to him. He was pushing the water backwards, sitting on the back of the kayak. It was really a sad sight.

"When I caught up to him, he didn’t say anything. He just kind of sat there. And he’s like, 'Alright, I’ll come to shore.'"

The man surrendered and was arrested by police. Investigations are ongoing.

Sources: The Seattle Times,

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