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#Fatkini raises debate as oversized women share bikini pictures

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A hashtag encouraging oversized women everywhere to share pictures of them in their bikinis is trending on the popular social media sites and stirring up a debate about health.

The term "fatkini", according to the Sydney Morning Herald, is widely acknowledged to have been first used by Blogger Gabi Fresh back in 2012. 

The Blogger who blogs mainly about health and and beauty topics wrote in the 2012 blogpost that while she does not expect everyone to be comfortable in a two piece swimwear, she does not want "body shame keep you from having a good time."

Now that that term is being used as a hashtag for plus sized woman everywhere to share their bikini clad bodies online. 





However, some people are ​criticising​ the hashtag for glamourising obesity.



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Source: Twitter, Instagram, Sydney Morning Herald

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