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Implant a (micro) chip in hand, to welcome iPhone 6

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Want to get your hands on the iPhone 6?

Die-hard fans are queueing up two weeks ahead of Apple unveiling the latest model tomorrow (Sept 9, American time).

But Australian Ben Slater is showing his love for the gadget another way.

The Brisbane man implanted a microchip under his skin so he can control electronic devices with just a wave of a hand.

A tattooist in Melbourne injected the radio-frequency identification microchip into Slater's left hand through a syringe two weeks ago.

Implanted in the webbing between his fingers, the chip is the size of a grain of rice.

Never mind that iPhones cannot read such technology - yet.

The advertising director's hoping the new generation of Apple's smart phone will have the capability to do so.

Meanwhile, the new addition means Mr Slater can swing his front door open, switch on his lights and store personal information with the flick of his hand.

"The most obvious thing the chip allows me to do is store my contact information on it, so that I can just touch a phone and pass my information to their phone. That is a great party trick," he told Daily Mail Australia.

It can also trigger his phone to turn the house lights off, open a secure door which is set to recognise the chip or rev up the car.

"I wanted to get the chip implanted to generate discussion," he said. "It intrigues me that we live in an age where this type of activity is even possible..."

Mr Slater said the procedure to implant the microchip was painful, but over quickly.

While new to Australian shores, microchip technology has become a growing trend in the United States.

It was introduced in 2004, when the Food and Drug Administration there gave the green light for its use to carry information about people's medical conditions, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The iPhone 6 is expected to be the largest phone Apple has produced, with a 5.5-inch screen.

The handset is thought to be so large that it will come with a special "one-handed" mode to make it easier for people to use it.

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