Indian man confines wife to toilet for three years

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This isn't the happily ever after women dream of.

When police rescued this woman last week, she was barely able to open her eyes in sunlight.

 Her garments were tattered. Her hair was unkempt. Her nails were overgrown.

The 25-year-old had been living the past three years in a dark and dimly lit bathroom. And she had been confined there by her husband.

The woman from Patsan village in eastern Indian state of Bihar married Prabhat Kumar Singh in 2010.

But soon after the marriage, her husband and in-laws started torturing her and demanding for more dowry. 

Barred from seeing parents

The torture increased when the dowry demands were not met and peaked when she gave birth to a daughter instead of a son.

The woman was barred from seeing her parents or interacting with anybody outside the home.

 When her relatives wanted to meet her, they were dissuaded or chased away.

The woman was rescued on Friday from a house in Rambagh village after her father, Mr Shyam Sundar Singh, made a police report.

The police have filed a case against the woman’s husband, father-in-law Dhirendra Singh and mother-in-law Indra Devi and have taken them into custody.

Source: The Star

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