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It's a myth that women are less driven about sex: Author

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Could a man ever know what women want? 

Author Daniel Bergner has taken up the challenge and is using science to get clues to that eternal question.

He debunks some popular ideas about men and women in his book, What Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire, which has been republished by Canongate Books this month. 

“I think that one of our conventional assumptions — that women are biologically programmed by evolution to be less promiscuous, less assertive, and less driven sexually — is a myth,”  Mail Online quoted Mr Bergner as saying. 

“There is very little evidence to support this theory. It gets in the way of serious understanding.’’

Turned on

Mr Bergner's work rides on fascinating research into sex, including a study by psychologist Meredith Chivers, who found that women showed physical arousal in more scenarios than men. 

He said: "Though we live in a culture that is, in many ways, sexually unrestrained, we are still uneasy, even fearful, about women’s desire. 

“This goes back eons. It is somehow overwhelming to confront the realities of female sexuality.”

Source: Mail Online, Canongate