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Kentucky Police dept puts out arrest for Elsa from Frozen

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There are probably valid, scientific reasons as to why America is currently experiencing extreme cold, blizzard-heavy weather.

So let's hope Kentucky Police are having a joke and not suffering frostbite of the brain.

They have a suspect in mind as to who is really responsible for the cold. 

Elsa from Frozen has been wreaking havoc. So says Kentucky's Harlan City Police Department.

They put out an arrest warrant for Elsa - known all over the world for letting it go - because the police believe she is responsible for the bad weather that has swept Kentucky along with many Central and Northeastern states in the US.



The "warrant" was followed by a more serious plea for people to stay of the very icy roads and stay home as much as possible.

Many US states are experiencing freezing blizzards. On Thursday, The Washington Post showed a heat map of the planet proving that eastern US was the coldest place on the planet that day.  

New York:


The winter storm in Boston in February made it the snowiest month since records were kept. 

Niagara Falls, Ontario:


Source: Mashable, Washington Post


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