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Leaked: Communication between AirAsia flight QZ8501 and Air Traffic Control

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The communication audio between Surabaya Air Traffic Control (ATC) at the Juanda International Airport and the captain of the ill-fated flight QZ8501 has been leaked, according to Indonesian media Kompas Tekno.

The Singapore-bound flight crashed in the Java Sea on Dec 28. It had 162 passengers and seven crew on board.

The audio clip, uploaded on Soundcloud, is about 20 minutes long.

At the 10th minute, a voice believed to be the captain of flight QZ8501 was heard - informing the ATC of its position on the runway at Juanda Airport, the total number of passengers and the purpose to Singapore.

This is an excerpt of the conversation.

Note that QZ8501's call sign is Wagon Air8501.

AWQ8501: "Tower, Wagon Air eight five zero one good morning..."
Tower: "Wagon Air 8501 good morning Juanda Tower, go ahead..."

AWQ8501: "Eight five zero one (registrasi) alpha x-ray charlie parking stand Alpha Niner (A9) destination Singapore POB (passenger on board) one six one, request push and start, wagon air eight five zero one..."

Tower: "Wagon Air eight five zero one parking stand number Alpha niner Pushback and start approved heading west runway one zero, exit sierra two...

Shortly after, at approximately the fourth minute, flight QZ8501 sought approval from ATC to proceed to the runway. ATC directed QZ8501 to runway 10 which the flight was placed on standby.

At 07.07 minute, ATC authorised clearance for takeoff via M635 airways at the height of 24,000-feet.

"Wagon Air eight five zero one clear to Singapore, mike six three five level two four zero initial, RAMPY one alpha departure squawk number seven zero zero five,” a female voice from the ATC was heard.

Previous media reports had quoted general of air transport Djoko Murjatmodjo​ on how the plane's flight schedule wasn't approved.

He said:

"It violated the route permit given, the schedule given, that's the problem. 
"AirAsia's permit for the route has been frozen because it violated the route permit given."

The transport ministry said that AirAsia was not permitted to fly the Surabaya-Singapore route on Sundays and had not asked to change its schedule.

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