Lost and found: Hunt for autistic boy's blanket goes viral with #FindSimba hashtag

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He lost his Simba blanket while his family was out in Liverpool city.

So the three-year-old autistic boy was unable to sleep.

His parents, also unable to sleep, sent out a plea on the internet asking people to return the blanket if anyone found it, Metro reported.

That's how the search for little Jake Thomson's comfort blanket went viral - with netizens using the hashtag #FindSimbas.





His mother Carolyn told local reporters that the boy went everywhere with his Simba blanket.

His parents offered him an identical Simba blanket but the discerning little guy could tell the difference between the two - just by smelling it.

"When he’s not happy, he sniffs Simba and rubs it on his face,"  said Carolyn. "He’ll pick up the other blanket but as soon as his sniffs it, he throws it away – he knows it’s not the same one because of his heightened senses."

Jake is awaiting final diagnosis for autism. He has already been diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 – a, which is a genetic condition that causes tumours to grow along his nerves.

Thankfully, the blanket has since been found.

Offline help

But it wasn't the Internet that helped.

Instead, Jake's desperate parents called the shops to try their luck. Thankfully, one of the retailer found the blanket.

Now that little Jake is reunited with Simba, he is not letting it out of his sight.

His mum said: "He looks like a totally different child."

Sources: Mirror Online, Metro

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