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Man donates kidney to stranger

This article is more than 12 months old

A stranger answered the desperate online plea by a family in California and gave one of his kidneys.

He then blogged the entire experience on the same website which first published the appeal.

The donor's blog also has photos of him in the operating theatre.

He even uploaded photos of the blood work and ultrasound scans carried out in preparation for the transplant, Mail Online reported.

The donor, known only as Charger525, responded to a plea from Mr John Kim who had been on dialysis for the last five years after both his kidneys failed.

Mr Kim shared his story on social news website Reddit last July.

He said how he felt "sick and tired most of the time" and how he suffered "endless complications".

He also posted his blood type and phone number to help locate a match.

Within a day of his post, Charger525, who is in the military, offered to help.

Last week, he travelled to southern California for the surgery, online newspaper The Daily Dot reported.


Writing on Reddit, Charger525 said: "Emotionally, I feel great. I know some people can get depressed afterwards, but for me the experience has been great.

'The staff at the hospital were amazing. John and his family took us in as their own."

Mr Kim was 23 when he was diagnosed with scar tissues in his kidneys.

Nine years later, both his kidneys failed and he had been on dialysis since.

Said Charger525: "I wasn't sure about doing this at first, but then I thought, I didn't know anything about dialysis or becoming a donor before all this.

"I wanted to share it and answer as much possible to help educate others through my experience."