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Man punches mom for always praising his sister

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His mother always sang his elder sister's praises.

So what, some people may ask.

But for supermarket worker Moham­mad Amin Anvar, the words were enough to drive him into a jealous rage.

The 20-year-old went berserk and attacked his mother last Sunday (July 12), newspaper The Star reported.

He hit Madam Roselin Mashutu, 41, slapping and stepping on her body. He also pulled her hair and punched her face.

Madam Roselin, who works as a saleswoman, ended up with a swollen left eye and injuries on her back.

"My mother looked down on me"

One of his sisters, 16, was also hurt when she tried to stop him at their condominium in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

Mohammad Amin, who is the second of four siblings, said his mother always compared him with his elder sister, 21.

She excelled academically.

He said:

“(Ibu) always looked down on me but I am the one who helped my sister to study in the university. Saya sakit hati (I hurt).

“I know that I am guilty. I asked for her forgiveness but she had already lodged a complaint.”

The prosecutor had asked the court to impose an appropriate sentence to serve as a lesson to others, citing the injuries inflicted on his family members.

Magistrate Jesseca Daimis said the court believed Mohammad Ami​ should be given a chance to turn over a new leaf due to his young age.

She also advised him not to lose his temper and to be careful with his actions.

He was fined RM2,400 (about S$860).

Sources: Star Online, Malay Mail Online

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