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Man strips daughter in broad daylight

This article is more than 12 months old

Dramatic online photos of a man in China stripping his young daughter and dragging her 100m down a street have sparked outrage.

But police at the scene did not consider this abuse, UK's Daily Mail reported.

The scenes were captured by a bystander using a smart phone in what appears to be a shop, the report said.

The Chinese equivalent of Twitter, Weibo, which has more than 300 million users, has gone into a frenzy over the photos.

It was reported that the father lost his patience after the girl refused to wear her jacket.


In the photos, the man is seen aggressively taking his daughter's top and jacket off before dragging her down the road.

But according to the neighbours, contrary to the photos, the father has never laid a hand on his daughter and spoils her by buying her everything she wants.

A witness said the father and daughter apparently worked out their problem as they were seen talking and laughing a few days after the incident.

A vendor at the scene said: "I don't think it constitutes child abuse, though the father did act violently when correcting his daughter."