MHA: Pick-up artist Julien Blanc will not be allowed into S'pore to conduct seminars

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Julien Blanc, self-declared "pick up artist" will not be allowed into Singapore to conduct his controversial seminars.

Charis Mah, who had started a petition on to deny Blanc entry into Singapore, updated the site  today (Nov 26) stating that she received a reply from a spokesperson from the Ministry of Home Affairs stating that Blanc will not be allowed into Singapore "...especially if he is here to hold seminars or events that propagate violence against women or to participate in other objectionable activities in Singapore.".

Blanc and his group Real Social Dynamics travel around the world conducting seminars that claim to teach men how to attract women using methods that are widely seen as abusive.

Screengrab Ms Mah's update. Photo: screen capture/

YouTube videos of his workshops show him encouraging men to use physical aggression, including choking women, as well as emotional abuse to convince them to have sex.

Blanc was forced to cut short a visit to Australia earlier this year when his visa was cancelled following widespread protests and there are similar calls for him to be banned from Canada.


Britain’s interior ministry on Nov 20 moved to bar him entry into the country after a petition there accusing him of encouraging abuse garnered over 160,000 signatures.

Elsewhere, officials in Japan and South Korea have said Blanc is unlikely to be granted a visa if he wanted to enter the two countries for planned visits.

According to a world tour schedule circulating online, Blanc was supposed to visit Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul from late November to early December.

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