'Millionaire monk' to give bodyguard RM100,000 wedding hong bao

This article is more than 12 months old

Zhang Jian, the self-proclaimed Chinese millionaire behind a controversial multi-level marketing business, is set to give his bodyguard a very generous wedding hong bao (red packet). 

China Press reported that he will attend his bodyguard’s wedding ceremony in Malaysia on Sunday.

Zhang, 26, is currently undergoing a 100-day temporary ordination programme at a temple in Thailand to become a monk, said Datuk John Lee Kim Tian, the charity wing chairman of Zhang's company YSLM.

Lee said Zhang was given permission to attend the wedding after he explained his intention, to "give a RM100,000 (S$39,000) hong bao to his bodyguard personally". 

YSLM – also known as Yun Shu Mao – is under investigation for links to a get-rich-quick scam.

The Star reported earlier that the company is banned in China, adding that Zhang has been hauled up by China police five times. 

He reportedly changed his name to Zhang Jian from Yun Shu Mao after he fled to Malaysia. 

Source: China Press, via The Star

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