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Mum whips out gun during school meet

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She was 'readjusting' pants when she placed it on table

A woman in the US state of Indiana has been nabbed for taking a gun to her son's school on Wednesday.

Bonnie Trahan, 27, from the city of Anderson, went to her son's school, St. Mary's School, to talk to its authorities over alleged threats made towards her eight-year-old son.

She was upset with the school's handling of an incident involving her son and another student and she felt that he was not safe in school.

Anderson police detective Joel Sandefur said Trahan revealed a Glock pistol during a meeting with school officials to prove a point.

"It's easy to get a gun into the school, and I want to demonstrate how easy it is to get a gun into the school. In fact, I've got one in my back pocket," Mr Sandefur quoted Trahan as saying, US TV station Wish-TV reported.

She then "slammed it down on the table," the detective added.

But Trahan has disputed those allegations. She has a permit to carry a weapon and forgot she was armed when she visited St. Mary's School, she told the station.

She was merely "readjusting" her pants when she placed the pistol on a table.

Police said Trahan then picked up her gun, placed it back into her pants and walked away. School officials quickly placed the school on lockdown and notified the police, Mansfield News Journal reported.

She later returned to the school to apologise and was arrested.

Trahan told Wish-TV: "I just wanted to know what they were going to do to protect my child from the other child who'd threatened to kill him."