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NCPG: Andy's dad is betting "one more time", but on what?

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The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) updated the banner on its website after the World Cup finals early on Monday morning (Jul 14).

This is how looks like now.

Screen capture: NCPG website

One wonders how it would have looked like if Germany had not won the game, considering Argentina themselves had a golden chance to go take the lead in the game. 

Actually NCPG ... why don't you show us the other mock up lah. 


In any case, our Facebook fans had a lot to say when we put the screenshot up earlier this morning ...

Seems like a pretty good suggestion at first but...

This netizen makes a pretty interesting observation about the World Cup's fascination with animal-based predictions.

This comment though probably takes the cake.

All the way from the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Facebook user Hunter Yap Kian Siang sends us this picture which was obviously taken before the game..

Written on his note: "Dear Andy, Hope your Dad is right! From Rio #Noproblemgambling"

We're sure that the jokes will be rolling in, we're just hoping that Jimmy Fallon picks up on the the whole affair again.

Andy's Dad ... you have a new career as a tipster. Just, you know, stop gambling.

Source: Facebook

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