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Bra stops bullet, saves woman

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A woman in Germany survived an accidental shooting, all thanks to her underwear, specifically, her bra.

Local paper Gadebusch-Rehnaer reported on Friday (Aug 7) that the unnamed woman's bra somehow stopped the bullet.

Or more specifically, the underwire which runs across the heart and lungs area. 

The woman had been cycling in the countryside of Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania in northern Germany with her husband when they decided to take a break in a field.

At the same time that they were in the field, a boar hunting party – a common activity in the area – was also in the area, resulting in the couple being caught in the crossfire.

The woman luckily came away from the incident with just bruising. 

In 2008, a man had been hit by a tray bullet from a boar hunt and died. This prompted calls for smaller calibre bullets to be used for hunting.

It is not the first time a bra has saved its owner from a bullet.

In February, a woman in Belem, Brazil was caught in the crossfire of an armed robbery.

CCTV footage showed Ivete Medeiros staggering after the robbery.

A bullet is reported to have hit her under the left breast.

In that case it is believed the bra wiring softened the blow of the bullet.

Aside from a hole in her blouse, all Ms Medeiros said she felt was "a little burning sensation."



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