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Chinese soldiers build a Transformer... well, sort of...

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Many have an inexplicable love for giant robots.

One of the biggest ever film franchises is based on mechanical goliaths.  

Many people love giant robots – even the Chinese army.

Yes, soldiers from the People's Liberation Army have joined forces to build a four-metre tall robot out of old spare parts from their military vehicles.

Described on the Twitter account of Chinese state TV station CCTV News as a Transformer, it was constructed by four soldiers from the frontier corps in eastern Jiangsu province.

They worked on the project in their spare time to complete it in three months.



Credit is certainly due for the recycling ethos that helped transform a pile of junk into an impressive-looking statute.

Fans of the Hasbro robot series may have an issue calling the creation a Transformer.

It looks pretty mean, is armed with a machine gun and comes packed with plenty of spare ammunition strapped to its chest.

It even has what looks like a green sword strapped to its back.

But it does not change into a working vehicle... yet.

The next stage could be to create a robot that can challenge the giant robots from Japan and the US.

They are laready having their own huge robo-showdown.


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