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Danish politician bares all for campaign poster

This article is more than 12 months old

A Danish politician is willing to do whatever it takes to become Denmark's next prime minister, even if that means having to bare it all.

In a bid to win people's support, John Erik Wagner posed nude for a risque campaign poster, which can now be found all over the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

He doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Aside from his cowboy hat and a gun holster strapped to his waist, Wagner, 52, is pretty much in his birthday suit.


But apparently there's nothing wrong with appearing nude in the poster.

Copenhagen Municipality spokesman Ivan Partov said: “It’s not against the law in itself to hang that kind of poster up, if you’re running in the general election."

According to Mr Partov, the important thing is that the posters don't distract road users.

He added:

“But if the poster is deemed to to interfere with road users’ attention, then it’s another matter.

"We have now reviewed the poster and assess that it is not problematic. So they won’t be taken down."

Danish site The Local reported that despite Wagner's daring stunt, the chances of him being elected are very slim.

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