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Donate sperm to get new iPhone 6S

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A China sperm bank's catchy offer?

Donate 17ml of sperm to Shanghai's Renji Hospital and receive 6,000 yuan ($1,300), which is enough cash to buy an iPhone 6s.

Apple's latest iPhone model will be sold in stores next Friday (Sept 25).

Vocativ reported that the advertisement asking for sperm donations in exchange for cash, which was disseminated via WeChat on Monday (Sept 14), has stirred up controversy on Chinese social media.

The line "No need to sell your kidneys—you can easily have a 6S" made a dig at news reports earlier this week that described how two men had allegedly tried to offer their kidneys in exchange for a new iPhone 6S.

According to China Daily, some netizens have criticised the offer from the sperm bank, saying they felt that sperm donation should not be motivated by commercial gain.

Others, however, supported the creative way in which the hospital has tried to increase their supply of sperm samples.

But not everyone is eligible for sperm donation at this hospital.

The advertisement said that they were looking for donors who were at least 1.65m-tall, had a college education and had to pass a test that certified them free from genetic diseases.

According to BBC News, two more sperm banks have followed suit since then.

One of them, the Hubei Human Sperm Bank, posted beneath a photo of an iPhone 6S: "We are looking for donors aged between 22 to 45.

"5,000 yuan will be paid for 40ml sample of semen (the iPhone 6S is priced at 5,288 yuan on the mainland)."

Doctor Zhu of Hubei Sperm Bank told Changjiang Times that it has been difficult to recruit sperm donors as sperm banks are not allowed to advertise on social media, reported China Daily.

China has strict rules on sperm banks, allowing only one in each province.

Apparently, all 18 centres in the nation have had an issue with getting enough sperm donations.

Source: Vocativ, China Daily, BBC News

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