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Here's the bomoh way to rid haze: Use ice

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People remember him as the self-styled bomoh who tried to locate missing flight MH370 with coconuts.

Now the shaman king is back in the spotlight again.

As the haze situation in the region worsens, so-called Raja Bomoh, Datuk Mahaguru Ibrahim Mat Zin, has stepped forward to save the day, The Rakyat Post reported.

Malaysia's iconic KL Tower (back) is seen shrouded by haze in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 15. PHOTO: AFP

His solution: A large slab of ice placed on top of a steel pot, and a prayer for "people in Malaysia to receive light and clean air". 

His trusty "bamboo scope" is one of the tools used as well. 

In a video posted by news portal Suara TV on YouTube on Tuesday (Sept 15), he is seen kneeling while executing his ritual.

He said in the clip:

“Together, we pray that this traditional method, that has been used by our ancestors for centuries, guided by the use of ice and pot, can melt away the haze, by the will of God.”

The two-minute clip has drawn the notice of netizens, many of whom remain somewhat sceptical of the Bomoh’s methods.





Nowonder this few day HAZEY no more. Thank you Raja Bomoh. Kuali a.k.a Cooking stove + ice block + 2 Miracle bamboo binocular = NO HAZE. Can you please make our Rm currencies 4X aaaarrh?

Posted by Jason Choong on Thursday, September 17, 2015


Some are also questioning the bomoh's claim about ancestors using large slabs of ice to hope for cleaner air, which had supposedly been in practice for centuries.

Where would the blocks of ice come from, they asked, since the use of household refrigerators likely started in the 1910s.

Watch the YouTube clip here:

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