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International students say Chinese president is 'cute'

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A video showing foreign students in China singing praises to the country's president, has been gaining attention — possibly not for the reasons that the producers hoped for.

It was produced by People's Daily, the ruling Communist Party's official newspaper.

Titled Who is Xi Dada?, the three and a half minute video was posted on Tuesday (Sept 22) on the daily newspaper's official YouTube channel. It is somewhat ironic that the channel is blocked in China.

According to the video's description, it was meant to be a PR campaign by the newspaper ahead of President  Xi Jinping's meeting with US President Barack Obama.

The students announce where they come from  — Germany, Japan, Cameroon, Russia and Indonesia to name a few — before giving their glowing views of the Chinese president.

Among the admiring descriptions are "cute", "super charismatic" and "a family man".


Other students say that the Chinese people like Xi because he is often smiling and that he is referred to as "Winnie-the-Pooh".

Some of the students also talked about his policies and international relations.

A South Korean student even confessed: "If my future husband is like him, I would be happy".

Some netizens are skeptical about the video's content:

Sources: YouTube, BBC


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