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Man United fans names himself... er, Man United...

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An overzealous Manchester United fan from Hong Kong has changed his name in honour of his favourite English Premier club.

A screenshot of a Facebook post by Hong Konger Dick Law shows him proclaiming to his fellow Red Devils fans that he had successfully changed his name on Aug 25 to Man United Dick Law.



Attaching a photo of an acknowledgement letter from Hong Kong's Registration of Persons Office, Mr Law declared himself a new person after changing the name on his identity card from Lo Kin Fung to Law, Man United Dick.

We won't blame you if you're struggling to contain your laughter or if your jaw has gone slack in disbelief.

With the aim of showing his lifelong dedication to United, Law also reckons that his spanking new name complements his romantic personality because Man United Dick (Man Lin Dick in Cantonese) sounds a lot like romantic (nice try fella).

As cringeworthy as Man United Dick might sound, Law isn't the first to change his name to that of a football club.

In 1989, Englishman John Westwood officially changed his name to John Anthony Portsmouth Football Club Westwood.

Not content with just a mere name change, the antique bookseller sports 60 Portsmouth tattoos on his body and has the club's initials engraved on his teeth.

Source: Twitter via The Independent, Mail Online

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