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Meet the NBA's tallest and shortest (made-up) players

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Messing around with a video game has been a time-honoured tradition ever since gamers discovered ways to modify them.

Over the years, this has become easier with game developers releasing in-game editors with some games.

With all that in mind, now meet John John and Jimmy.

Created by YouTube user and NBA 2K16 enthusiast GamingWithOva with the in-game player editor, these two basketball players come from two extreme and opposite ends of the scale.

Towering over the court at a height of more than 9m, John John has ridiculously short arms akin to those of T-Rex.

While he is a monstrous presence in defence, he does have trouble shooting.

And trying not to kill his adoring fans. (Thankfully, the NBA 2K16 engine doesn't allow spectators to be killed or maimed by oversized user-made players...)



While Jimmy neither has to worry about crushing fans nor does he have to deal with stubby arms, the 30cm-tall player has his own set of troubles.

He can't defend against attackers who simply run or jump over him while his tiny legs make him the slowest player in the game – painfully slow, in fact.

Even though he's easily blocked by taller players, Jimmy is pretty handy when he has the time and space to shoot. He can even bend physics to score a slam dunk.



At least it makes for some decent comedy.

Knock yourself out, folks.

Source: YouTube via Kotaku