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Olympic champion uses javelin to extract daughter's tooth

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Warning: Do no try this at home.

A retired American gold medal-winning athlete decided to put his javelin skills to good use by extracting his daughter's loose tooth.

Bryan Clay, the 2008 Olympic decathlon champion, tied a string to one of his javelins before throwing it.

That's certainly an alternative to attaching a piece of string to a slammed door. 

Clay posted a video of the feat on Twitter with the caption: "What you use javelins for once you're retired."



It soon went viral and was retweeted over 1,600 times.

After the javelin was thrown, Clay's daughter Ellie seemed ecstatic that the trick worked.

Clay said: "Her brother and sister were telling her different ways and mum was too. Then someone came up with the idea of the javelin and the second she heard that, that's what she wanted to happen."

He admitted that he was a little sceptical at first. Clay said he was "afraid of what people were going to think".

He added: "But it takes everybody back to a time when they did the same silly things to get their teeth pulled out and she absolutely loved it and kept asking me... until I gave in."

Source: BBC, Twitter


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