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Parents 'punish' school after kids fail exam

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What would you do if your child failed a school exam?

Some parents in Henan province in central China vented their frustration on the primary school itself — by locking the main gate and strewing rubbish at the entrance.

They also dumped piles of rubble outside Sida Foreign Language School.

People's Daily China reported that the parents took such steps after their children failed the entrance exam and could not enroll there. 

A logistics staff member said the school accepts only one-fifth of applications:

"We enroll about 100 students out of 500 this year."

The parents came back on July 18 and dumped two trucks of garbage right in front of the gate, another school employee said.

Once the school cleared the waste, the parents returned for round three: Offloading a big pile of concrete debris outside the main entrance.

Netizens had a few things to say.

This is what one person from Guangzhou posted:

"Like father like son. With parents that act like that, it's not too difficult to imagine how the kids are.

"It's a wise decision that the school didn't recruit them!"

Another who goes by the moniker Rule 100 had this to say:

"The school's decision in not enrolling the children was the right move. With such parents, you never know what other drama will erupt in future.

"How come the relevant authorities are not taking action over this matter?"

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