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Pranksters put up 'offensive' signs on park benches

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To address anti-social behaviour issues, Cheshire West and Chester City council officials in the UK are planning to introduce a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) — and pranksters are putting up plaques on park benches as a protest, reported the Telegraph.

According to the local paper The Chester Chronicle, the PSPO was proposed to target the problems that the city in North West England is facing, including street drinking, legal highs, rough sleeping and begging.

More than 17,000 have signed two online petitions against the plans.

The plaques fixed on park benches around the city had amusing, yet controversial, writing on them.

One of them reads: "This bench is reserved for the young, beautiful and affluent. If you are old, ugly or poor please sit elsewhere."



Though many local residents found them funny, the council has removed the plaques, saying they were worried that people may be "offended" by them.

Ms Maria Byrne, head of place operations for Cheshire West and Chester Council, said: "We have removed the plaques from five benches and although they may appear humourous, some people may find them offensive. It has cost the Council taxpayer money for officers to locate and remove them."

Sources: The Telegraph, The Chester Chronicle

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