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Spanish reporter mistakes Star Wars symbol for Al Qaeda's

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Star Wars fever is in the air, but one Spanish TV reporter might have gotten a little too carried away while reporting on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and its links to Al Qaeda.

Following last Friday's (Nov 13) wave of terror attacks in Paris, Spanish morning news show La Manana ran a report about France's retaliatory air strikes on ISIS targets in their stronghold of Raqqa.

While reporter Jota Abril explained Raqqa's history, he pointed at what appeared to be a symbol representing Al Qaeda, the terrorist group which had previously captured the Syrian city in 2013.

However, the symbol wasn't that of Al Qaeda – it turned out to be the insignia used by the Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars franchise.




After noticing the mistake, Abril took to Twitter to apologise for the error, writing in Spanish: "This morning, I mistakenly used a wrong logo for an explanation in the programme. My fault. Sorry if you were offended."

However, it couldn't stop the Internet from noticing as well as the inevitable backlash of merciless snark.











To be fair to Abril (or whoever it was who did the graphics for him), it seems like the whole incident stemmed from a case of mistaken identity as the entire logo looks to have been lifted from Spanish record label Alqaeda'Inc, which in turn appear to have lifted the film's logo.

Lesson of the day? Always double check before plucking the first image result you get from Google.

Source: Twitter and via The Local

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