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Student suspended for graduation selfie

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It was something to commemorate a moment of celebration. But not everybody has seen it that way.

A student in Malaysia has been suspended after taking a selfie on stage while receiving his diploma.

Muhammad Hasrul Haris Mohd Radzi, 21, from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), snapped the picture during his convocation ceremony.

Given the plethora of selfies out there documenting and celebrating important life events it was not expected for the cheekily taken image to travel beyond the studenst circle of friends. 

Yet the photo then went viral on social media, and many lambasted the act as disrespectful.

Muhmmad Hasrul has defended himself saying that he did not know that taking a selfie was not allowed at the ceremony.

He told local media: "I thought there was no harm in recording this moment after working hard for two years in getting my diploma."

Muhammad Hasrul said that he was inspired to capture the important moment after witnessing a student perform a dance on stage during a convocation at a different university.

He added: "I thought it would be appropriate for a photography student like me to make a symbolic gesture.

"I really did not know that it was not allowed, and no one told me."

UiTM's vice-chancellor Tan Sri Prof Dr Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar said:

"His action is disrespectful to UiTM. Students are briefed and given guidelines before entering the hall which includes not taking a selfie on stage."

Another student had been punished earlier for the same reason. 

Muhammad Hasrul faces suspension between one and two years.

For those that feel the suspension is harsh, Dr Sahol had this to say: "Let them call me cruel, but I'd rather let a child die than lose our customs."

Source: Malay Mail Online, The Star Online


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