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Victim ordered to pay $15,000 to thief he beat up

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What should you do if someone tries to rob you of your phone?

Well, if you're in China, don't beat him up. It might cost you even more than buying a new one.

A Chinese court recently ordered a man to pay 70,000 yuan (S$15,400) to a person who tried to steal his mobile phone, state-run media reported on Wednesday (July 15).

The man, whose surname is Yuan, had fought off the attempted robbery and chased after the would-be thief with two other men.

The trio caught up with the culprit, whose surname is Zeng, and beat him up.

A bruised Zeng made a police report the next day and the three men later turned themselves in.

Dongguan No. 3 People’s Court ruled that Yuan and his co-defendants were criminally liable as they did not report the attempted robbery to police before taking action.

Yuan was sentenced to three months’ probation, fined and ordered to pay Zeng 70,000 yuan, reported the Global Times newspaper.

Yuan said he will not appeal the sentence.

It is unclear if Zeng was prosecuted for attempted theft.

Source: AFP