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Video: Giant Minion 'attacks' traffic in Ireland

This article is more than 12 months old

It sounds outlandish. Unreal. Or possibly the plot of Despicable Me 3.

Yet the proof is in the footage.

A video of a giant Minion bringing traffic to a standstill in Ireland has been posted online.

A giant inflatable structure in the shape of the popular character from the Despicable Me movie franchise blew across the road in Dublin on Aug 3.


According to the Irish Mirror, the 12m long inflatable belonged to a nearby fun fair which has set up nearby.

It is not yet known how the giant inflatable came loose but it soon rolled onto the streets, creating the bizarre scene of cars halted by the giant inflatable yellow structure.

Photo: Facebook/Erin Van Londen  

While the incident was quite funny, a local politician raised concerns about the potential safety risks that an un-tethered giant inflatable structure posed.

In a statement to Irish media, councillor Paul McCauliffe said he has referred the incident to Dublin City Council’s planning enforcement department to investigate if the inflatable Minion was the subject of any planning regulation.

He also wants to find out if the correct health and safety measures were in place reported Irish news outlet, The Journal.

His Tweet described the incident as "dispicable" (sic).

Plus points for the pun, Mr McCauliffe.

Source: Irish Mirror, The Journal Facebook, YouTube.