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WATCH: Female Muay Thai fighter pretends to be clueless nerd

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An awkward, bespectacled woman walks into a muay thai gym.

She throws a few weak punches and fails horribly at doing inclined pull-ups.

She then asks if she can spar with one of the male trainers in the ring.

"I don't want to hurt you," the trainer says. But with a little prodding from a colleague, the man agrees. 

The woman then stumbles into the ring. (Not a promising start.)

After getting pushed around a couple of times, she suddenly transforms and whips out some killer moves.

What sorcery is this? Well, it's actually an elaborate prank that a gym staged on its trainers.

The seemingly clueless woman is muay thai expert Germaine Yeap, who has represented Malaysia in overseas contests.



The video has been viewed more than five million times since it was posted on YouTube on Wednesday (May 20).

This isn't the first viral video featuring Miss Yeap.

The spunky fighter was also the star of a staged snatch theft video.



Take a look at her in action:


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