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What's the secret to a long life? Never get married, say oldest living twin brothers

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Do you want to know the secret to a long, healthy life?

Well, Belgian twins Pieter and Paulus Langerock may have the answers you need. After all, they are the world's oldest living twin brothers.

The dapper 102-year-olds only moved into a nursing home just three years ago - when they were 99.

Here are some plausible reasons as to how they managed to live a long, healthy life:

1. Hard work, punctuality, and more importantly, wine

The brothers told The Telegraph that they never took care of their health in their younger years.

Paulus said: "Sometimes, we drank a whole bottle of whiskey, just the two of us, between 5pm and 2am."

While they don't drink as much, they each still indulge in a glass of wine every day (Bordeaux is their preference).

Of course, they also said that "a lifetime of hard work and punctuality" could also have contributed to their longevity.

2. Bros over... women

Both twins have never been married and they claim that could also be another reason for their long, healthy lives.

Paulus told Reuters: "There isn't much advice I can give. Don't waste your time fooling around and... don't run after women."

Over the years, the brothers disapproved of each other’s choice of potential life partner over the years, which is why they both never tied the knot.

In fact, nothing matters more to them than each other.

The brothers have lived together for most of their lives and have never been separated. 

"Yes, Paulus is my best friend. We’re always together,” Pieter said.

Even now, they share a room at their nursing home just outside the Belgian town of Ghent.

Pieter said about his brother: "He's the only one in the world who wishes me well. I don't trust anyone. I'm afraid of everyone."

3. Eating in moderation

Well, this one is obvious. But in case you needed a reminder, the twins agree that you shouldn't "eat too much". 

4. Don't be discouraged by the doctor's prognosis

Paulus recalls the doctor telling them, when they were 85, that they won't be living to 100.

Their response: "Well, I never really wanted to be this old."

Below are secrets from other people who have lived beyond 100 years

1. Avoid Men

Scotland's Jessie Gallan, 109, who has never been married, said that the secret to a long life is to avoid men. Oh, and eating porridge helps too.

2. Bacon is key

Ms Susannah Mushatt Jones, who is now 116, starts her day with several strips of bacon, scrambled eggs, and ground corn.

And to emphasise the importance of bacon, there is a sign on her kitchen wall that reads: "Bacon makes everything better".

It also helped that she got lots of sleep, and did not smoke and drink, said Ms Jones, who is from America.

3. Eat delicious things (and lots of sushi)

Sushi lovers will be delighted to know that this is what Ms Misao Okawa, who was 117, loved eating before she passed away in April.

She also revealed that eating delicious things resulted in her long life. Foodies, rejoice!

4. Positivity

Ms Alice Herz-Sommer, who was born in Czechoslovakia and lived to be 110, said being positive can help with longevity.

5. Dance!

Brit Ethel Lang, who was 114 before she died, said that the combination of dance and the lack of vices like smoking and drinking certainly helped.

6. Alcohol helps

When she turned 110, American Agnes Fenton said that her daily dose of three beers and a shot of whiskey must have helped.

Source: Reuters, Telegraph