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Why did conman return money to victim?

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At first, he had conned the female Chinese undergraduate of 5,000 yuan (S$1,119).

Then the Chinese conman decided that some things were more important than money.

The man then contacted his victim and told her about his incredulous offer.

He offered to return her part of what he had cheated from her, in return for her picture.

Apparently, his conscience had got the better of him after he came into contact with her sweet nature. 

Shanghaiist reported via Xinhua that the 17-year-old girl named Xiao Song said that she had received a message from the conman who had told her that she was "too sweet and innocent".

He then told the Zhejiang Normal University undergrad that he would return her 2,500 yuan—​ half of what he had cheated her out of— if she would send him her photograph.

So how did he scam her in the first place?

Last Wednesday (Sept 23), the man had called Xiao Song and told her that there was a problem with an online payment that she had made on Chinese shopping website, Taobao.

She then furnished him with her bank account details after which she found that 5,000 yuan was missing from it.

Xiao Song told Xinhua: "I did not believe him in the beginning, but to my surprise, he really did put 2,500 yuan back into my account.

"He also asked me whether I had a boyfriend, and asked me to send him my photo.

"Now I feel a bit confused about whether I am a lucky person or not."

What was even more bizarre was that the swindler even started telling Xiao Song about himself, saying that he was an "Internet technician" who used his "brains" to earn money.

Xiao Song said that she found it hard to understand the conman's irrational behaviour.

According to The Shanghaiist, the police who handled this case are also baffled by why he had decided to return half the money that he had stolen.

Source: The Shanghaiist, Xinhua