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'Woo-woo' or 'Nee-nah'? Pupils' siren question leaves police saying sorry

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It was the most pressing question for the young pupils at a school in England.

The police were more than happy to help them reach a conclusion. But their help has left them having to apologise to residents.

On Wednesday (Sept 23), Haydonleigh Primary School in Swindon held a "People Who Help Us" session with police community support officers.

During a tour of the police car, the question arose about what sound the siren makes.

Staff turned the question into a full activity, complete with a vote.

Staff said it was "woo-woo". Pupils sided with "nee-nah".


A lovely day debating whether a police car goes nee nah or woo woo.

Posted by Haydonleigh Primary School on Friday, 25 September 2015

So how do you settle a debate like this? Like any democratic country, this issue was settled with a vote.

In order for the voters to be informed, the police sounded their sirens a number of times.

But following a vote there was a sudden swing to "woo-woo".

60 students and staff voted for "woo-woo" while 28 voted for "nee-nah".

Though it seems there is no true decision as one of the police community officers told the BBC that the school's headmistress had thrown a "third party" into the mix by deciding the sound is actually "wah-wah".

The North Swindon Police has apologised to residents in the neighbouring area for any disturbance.

Along with the apology, comes the reveal that the pupils came up with new equipment.

We especially liked the suggestion that we should have police rhinos, and will be looking into the possibility of training them to knock down the ‘baddies’ front doors. 


Apologies to anyone in the Haydonleigh area who may have been disturbed by our sirens yesterday morning – the PCSOs were...

Posted by North Swindon Police on Thursday, 24 September 2015



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