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While scuffles between people involved in court cases are rare, there have been several incidents of relatives and supporters of the accused, and even witnesses, turning their fury at the media. Some notable cases:

JUNE 27, 2012

Shoving and insults took place when City Harvest Church leaders showed up in court to be charged.

As church founder Kong Hee and his wife, Ms Ho Yeow Sun, left the building, their supporters formed a human wall to block the media from taking photographs of the couple.

A scuffle ensued between photographers, cameramen and some of the supporters. Peace returned after the accused persons left the scene.

SEPT 5, 2007

Six relatives of a full-time national servicemen charged with unlawfully carrying a firearm lashed out at the media after his court appearance.

They shouted vulgarities, kicked and spat at photographers and cameramen.

The NSF was later sentenced to nine years and two months in jail and 18 strokes of the cane for having a SAR-21 assault rifle, eight bullets and a knife.

SEPT 18, 2006

A prosecution witness in the trial of a university don accused of lying to the authorities about his mistress lost his cool with press photographers outside the court. Shouting "enough" in Hokkien, he threw his mobile phone at The New Paper executive photojournalist Choo Chwee Hua.

He was later acquitted.