113-year-old woman joins Facebook... she had to lie about her age to sign up

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Her age may be listed as 99 on Facebook, but this US woman is actually a whopping 113. 

Why the bizarre deception? Because the social network deemed her too old to sign up.

Facebook allows only those born in or after 1905 to have an account, reported Mashable. 

Mrs Anna Stoehr, who lives in a retirement home in Minnesota, was born in 1900.

That's before the invention of the Internet, the computer, the refrigerator and the mobile phone. Before the television and radio became commonplace in households.

Age limit

But far from being a Luddite, Mrs Stoehr actually embraces technology.

She has her own iPad and uses it to FaceTime her friends. She knows how to use Google and send e-mails. And she has a Facebook account.

How many of us can say the same about our grandmother?

Mrs Stoehr recently sent a letter to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to register her opinion on the age limit.

Her opening sentence? 

"I'm still here."

Watch an interview with Mrs Anna Stoehr below.



Sources: Mashable, USA Today


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