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This article is more than 12 months old

Two videos which featured Mr Quek Zhen Hao's Honda Civic went viral earlier this week.


The first, uploaded last Saturday on citizen journalism website Stomp, showed Mr Quek having a stand-off around 9am with another motorist at the entrance of an open-air carpark in Bukit Panjang last Wednesday.

The motorist, whose in-car camera was filming the stand-off, reverses his car but Mr Quek's Honda edges towards him.

After about a minute, he drives away, only to be chased by Mr Quek.

Mr Quek overtakes him and at one point stops his car and walks towards the other car which drives away. Mr Quek gives chase again and after overtaking the other car, stops in the middle lane.

He opens his door, but does not get out.

The 4min 20sec video ends with both cars going separate ways.


The other video was uploaded three days later, but its time stamp indicates that the incident took place at 1pm, a few hours after the first incident last Wednesday.

In the edited 40sec video, Mr Quek's Honda is filmed tailgating another car by its rear in-car camera. The front in-car camera then shows the Honda overtaking the car before braking to a sudden stop.

According to the Stomper who posted the video, the other car was driven by a woman who had a toddler in the car.