Australian man jailed for torturing, sexually abusing, murdering 10-month-old stepson

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Here is a crime so evil, so monstrous, so repugnant that you can scarcely believe that it is real.

An Australian man tortured and sexually abused his 10-month-old stepson over a 15-hour period until the child died.

The baby, Charlie Mullaley, suffered horrific injuries including broken limbs, burns all over his body and legs, internal bleeding, severe lacerations and severe injuries to his genitals and anus, local media reported.

On Friday (Dec 12), Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell, 27, was sentenced to life in prison for his shocking crimes.

Bell's motive had been to hurt the baby's mother, Tamica Mullaley. He had wanted revenge and had taken his anger out on the baby, reported ABC.

Bleeding and naked

The tragedy happened in March last year in Western Australia.

Bell first assaulted Ms Mullaley, leaving her bleeding and naked on the street.

He then took Charlie from his home, and proceeded to torture the baby over the next 15 hours.

It was only when the baby stopped breathing that Bell took the baby to a road house.

Shocks the public conscience

Bell claimed the infant had suffered the injuries after falling out of a moving car. He also claimed the burns were from sitting on hot rocks by a river.

But Justice John McKechnie rejected Bell's claims saying they were "unbelievable", reported WA Today.

The judge described Bell's crime as "evil" and one that "shocks the public conscience", reported ABC.

The West Australian reported Ms Mullaley as saying: "My son was a 10-month old defenceless, vulnerable and powerless child.

"My son would have been petrified. To think of the sound of his cries is unbearable. How can anyone act in such a horrific nature, I will never understand."

Bell has to serve at least 27 years before he can be considered for release.

He was transferred earlier this year to a high-security prison because he had been assaulted by convicts in another prison, reported ABC.

Sources: WA Today, The West Australian, ABC

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