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Burglar leaves phone at crime scene, calls to ask for it back

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A man broke into a house in Florida on Wednesday and made away with some loot without getting caught.

The only problem? He had left his mobile phone behind on the victim's bed.

Most people in this situation would just forgo the phone. Wayne Bradley Wade, however, really wanted his back.

So the 46-year-old dialled his mobile number and asked to retrieve it.

Guess who picked up the call. The cops.

Can I have my phone back, please?

Police were investigating the burglary in the house when they heard the phone ring.

They answered the phone and the very helpful Wade even gave them his name.

The fingerprints on the phone matched those from five other burglary cases in the neighbourhood.

Wade was arrested on burglary and grand theft charges. 

At a court hearing on Thursday, he claimed his phone had been stolen.

Sorry, Wade, but we don't buy your story.

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