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Five things Cao loves about Chinese New Year - and it's almost all food-related

1) "Pineapple tarts. I love them and my mum knows that so she will order one tub just for me."

2) "Eating continuously with my loved ones and enjoying every bit of it. I have three brothers and one sister, and they are all married with children. My family cooks Nonya food so there's a lot of deliciously rich coconut, curries and spices added to all the dishes."

3) "I love cooking so I'll whip up Chinese pork chops and braised vegetables. Women aren't the only ones who watch cooking shows. I'm a big fan of them too and they have certainly raised the standard of my cooking."

4) "Not watching my weight as much because Chinese New Year is a good reason to enjoy food. Do you know that the calories in five pineapple tarts is equivalent to two bowls of rice? This means exercising more..."

5) "More holidays this festive season means I get to spend more time with my mum, and we can go for more of our afternoon teas and lunches. She's my biggest mentor and I love spending time with her."