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Chinese party official sacked after groping woman on train

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This Chinese Communist Party cadre member thought he could get away with groping a girl on a train by saying it was an accident. 

But eagle-eyed netizens have exposed Mr Wang Qikang's lies. 

He has been kicked out of the party and has been sacked from his job, reported South China Morning Post. 

Mr Wang​ was identified by web users as the man who groped a woman's thighs on a Shanghai train last week, after the video went viral. 

The public pressure has led to him being expelled from the Communist Party.

His job was also terminated by state enterprise Shanghai Jinjiang International Corporation.

The internet hunt went as far as to expose his wife's handphone number and their home address, reported English China News Service. 

The victim, a 21-year-old undergraduate, went to the police on Sunday (July 6).

Mr Wang told Shanghai police that he had accidentally touched the girl's leg while he was falling asleep on the train.

The video clearly shows that the groping was no accident.

He also claimed to be under the influence of alcohol, which doesn't incriminate him any less.

A notice on the state enterprise's website on Saturday said Mr Wang's case will be dealt with seriously and in accordance with the law. 

Watch the Youku video here

Sources: South China Morning Post, English China News Service

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