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Driving force

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Ever wished for a personal chauffeur to take your guests around when you were busy or to take you home after a drink too many?

The home-grown 24DriveMe Chauffeur on Demand app, which is available for iPhone and Android smartphones, can make this dream a reality.

You need only to enter your start time, current and end locations, choose your personal chauffeur, give him or her the car keys at your start location and let the chauffeur do the job.

Said 24DriveMe's director Chandan Mahtani of the idea, which arose in 2012: "Business visitors often met me for meetings and I hardly had time to receive them and show them around Singapore.

"So I contacted a few valet drivers and asked them to drive my car around as and when I needed their services."

After our meetings, we often went out for a few drinks and it was convenient to not have to worry about drink
[24DriveMe's director Chandan Mahtani on using valet drivers for business visitor]

He added: "When I had guests, I asked the valet drivers to pick up my car, fetch the guests from the airport, take them to their hotel to freshen up and then to my office.

"After our meetings, we often went out for a few drinks and it was convenient to not have to worry about drink driving."


Mr Mahtani realised that he had the beginnings of a chauffeur-on-demand service and created the 24DriveMe Chauffeur on Demand app.

With regard to insurance coverage, the app applies in cases where the owner allows others to drive the car. The app does not apply to cars where the motor insurance is for named drivers.


Mr Mahtani is happy with the app's progress.

24DriveMe has about 1,000 chauffeurs on its database and expects the number to grow substantially as the service picks up.

The clients have said the initial drives were pleasant and satisfying.

The company is tweaking its app functions and making changes to meet market demand.

Among its plans is to work with car rental companies, F&B outlets, hotels and corporations before taking the solution overseas.