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HK man wins $42,000 compensation after saying lift malfunction caused sex drive to plunge

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A businessman who suffered from a lacklustre sex drive was successfully awarded a HK$260,000 (S$42,369) compensation in the Hong Kong District Court yesterday.

But before you look to legal proceedings to help with your bedroom issues, Johnny Kong claimed that it was a lift malfunction that had caused his sex drive to plunge.

After a lift stalled in March 2008, Kong was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder, which is the short-term inability to cope with something that causes stress.

Kong, who operated a travel agency, took the lift when he left his office but it stalled halfway.

A fireman had to help him out some 20 minutes later.

He sued the building's owners' corporation and Wincome Property Management Company for failing to ensure the lift was in good condition as the accident caused him physical and mental trauma.

Kong said that as a result of the accident, he had decreased sex drive, insomnia and nightmares. He also often had bad dreams that involved lift accidents.

He later closed his agency and has since divorced his wife after frequent quarrels.

"Before the accident, Kong was seriously troubled by his personal, marital and financial affairs. The accident was like the last straw," Deputy Judge Stanley Siu wrote in his verdict.

Source: South China Morning Post


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