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Man jailed for hitting girlfriend's ex

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A dishwasher was yesterday jailed seven months for attacking the father of his girlfriend's child.

Muhammad Khairul Mohammad Taha, 30, went to pick up the six-year-old from her biological father, Mr Faizalizam Rosli. But before the 32-year-old could explain that she was with his mother, Khairul's co-accused, Zulraimi Zanil, 44, punched him in his right eye.

Khairul then joined in the attack as the girlfriend, Nurfaeza Mohd Arshad, 26, and his mother, Esah Amat, 55, looked on. The two men later punched and kicked Mr Faizalizam after he tripped and fell.

Nurfaeza stepped on Mr Faizalizam's hand more than once as she demanded to know where her daughter was, and Esah used a long umbrella to hit him in the chest.

Zulraimi is serving seven months in jail for a similar offence while Esah was given a 12-month conditional warning in June. Nurfaeza's case is pending.

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