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To save hubby from loanshark, she lands in jail

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She was determined to save her husband from the clutches of a loanshark - and she ended up breaking the law.

Account executive Bok Chuen Er, 32, had forged an almost-million ringgit cheque to help him last July.

Yesterday (May 26), she was jailed 40 months for her “loving” effort.

Bok had pleaded guilty earlier to forging two signatures on a cheque for RM963,722.94 (S$357,083) belonging to her employer, New Era Enterprise.

The mother of three children, aged between two and five years, reportedly said: 

“I was desperate to help my husband settle his six-year-old debt with an Ah Long (amounting to RM620,000).

“My husband was injured while working in construction site and can no longer do heavy lifting. I am the one who is suppor­ting the family now.”

Deputy public prosecutor S. Nithiya ​asked for a heavy sentence, saying Bok was hired to prepare cheques and she had broken the trust by forging her employer’s signatures.

Bok then deposited the money into her own account and then withdrew almost half a million ringgit.

Bok, who was not represented, said it was her first offence and she regretted her actions.

Sessions Court judge Norsharidah Awang told her yesterday before senten­cing:

“Love a husband sparingly, don’t love a husband to an extent of willing to commit crime, there are limits to helping a husband.”

Sources: Star Online, Bernama

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