S'porean man jailed for five months for abducting girlfriend’s eight-month-old baby

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He threatened to kill people. Then he abducted his girlfriend’s eight-month-old boy.

Shamsol Arifin Yusoff, 35, was jailed for five months on Wednesday (Feb 11) for taking the child.

The jobless man lived with his girlfriend and her son, who is from another relationship, at her flat in Bukit Batok, reported The Straits Times​.

He returned to the unit on Oct 23 last year after quarrelling with friends. While sharpening a knife, he said he wanted to "kill people".


An hour later, he switched off the lights so he could pray. When he was done, he packed his bag and said he no longer wanted to live in Bukit Batok.

When Shamsol picked up the child, his girlfriend thought he was merely playing with him.

But when he carried him out of the unit and told her he was his stepson, she sensed something was wrong.

The woman, who cannot be named, called the police.

Shamsol was arrested near Bukit Panjang Plaza about two hours later.

The baby was taken to hospital and found to have "blue marks" on his shoulders, arms, hand, back and thigh.

Previous convictions

Shamsol, who has previous convictions including possession of offensive weapon, criminal intimidation and disorderly behaviour, admitted to the abduction.

He was also fined $1,500 on another charge of fighting near a coffee shop last September.

Shamsol claimed he took the baby to calm his feelings.

He could have been jailed for up to seven years and caned for abduction.

Source: The Straits Times

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