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On the driver who sideswiped a car and almost flipped it on CTE

Joseph Tan

I wonder what are the authorities going to do? Harsh punishment is a must now, don't wait, drivers are getting out of hand.

Gen Nullaga

Wah, is this a movie?!

Mohammad Fadhil Selamat

Ban them from driving for life.

John Chua

If one has an attitude problem, no laws can help. Laws can only stop him for a while but cannot change his attitude.

On the teen single mum who was shunned by her relatives

Bawang Puteh

I know of a girl who was in a similar situation. Even though her sisters were initially hurt and angry, they still love and care for her.

Mohammed Fahmi

Respect. Despite her young age, she knows the baby is innocent. She took responsibility for her actions.

On Stephanie Koh asking the media to stop slamming her

Jimmy Redneck Ronin

Actually, I don't judge her for what she said in her video. I judge her for her lack of sincerity when she entered a K-pop contest and said she does not want to be a K-pop star, as well as her atrocious behaviour during the shooting.

Sylvia Low

She sure behaves like those Free My Internet babies, wants freedom to criticise but can't take the criticism.

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