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On Mr Quek Zhen Hao's mum defending her son

Fisherman'sq Friend

He's lucky. If you offend other road users, some would just whack you!

Calvin Lee

She should ask him that question.

Hendrick Ou

Well, provoked or not, your son should not have driven in that manner.

On him posting an apology video on YouTube

Lisa Chan

Nobody is perfect. Learn from mistakes. Most important is to repent, then you shall be forgiven.

ShahandIka Mohd Kassim

The person you bullied on the roads was someone's girlfriend, mother, sister, family member. The way you behaved was intimidating. Now when people send threats to your family, it doesn't feel too good, does it? Don't feel like the big man you were, coming out of your car and acting like a hooligan, do you?

BigGuy Adrian

Can you please draw a better sketch? It is ugly.

Daniyal Sheraz R. Dutt

A sincere apology comes without being demanded.

Sylvia Low

The people who issued death threats to him and his family deserve to be punished as well.

Sam Jnr Suari

Just revoke his licence. Sorry doesn't come cheap.

El Kun

Now big bully becomes big baby.

Tan Wei Yang Justice

Criticising people is common on social media. Death threats? Criminal intimidation attracts a higher penalty than acting dangerously on the road.

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